My Better Half

Photo by Justin Watson James
My creative side is a fickle bitch. She's somewhere between a fussy infant and an old curmudgeon. She'll wake me in the middle of the night begging to be played with, or she'll want to do nothing all day except watch The Price is Right.

She's the best part of me, the part I want to introduce to a girl's parents, but she drives me crazy. I'm begging her to work a forty-hour work week, but she's only interested in limited part-time. Even now I'm waffling. I have to corral my attention away from the rest of the world. I'm a kid at a fair running from booth to booth not playing any game.

I imagine I'm not alone. If only it were as simple as creative people and non-creative people. The rest of us are a mixed breed. We are stubborn oranges. You gotta grind the shit out of us to get the juice. But even with the sweat, it tastes just as sweet. Just as fucking sweet.


  1. Haha, I love this,love you!
    You made my day, this made me smile!
    Good job.

  2. @Cat. Even 1500 miles away, you have a way of making my mornings better. Thanks.