I'm Just Some Dude

My name is Nick. I grew up in Reno, Nevada. My father taught me every good habit I have. Josh was my best friend in elementary school. We were brought together on account of our love of comic books and not playing sports. As teenagers, we were torn apart by being teenagers. His position went to Caleb. I met Jawsh (different dude) while attending Hug High. He was the big brother I never had. He made me mix-tapes and taught me how to play bass. I would not recognize my life without him. In college I lived with Tim and Jeff. Tim nurtured my creative side and represents the best part of me. Jeff and I played in bands together and he remains my oldest friend. Alex introduced me to improv and we made comedy together. I met Piotr Hoffman halfway through college and lived in his office for the next five years. Everything I know about philosophy I owe to him. Some extraordinary women have braved the tempestuous romantic seas with me.

These are the key players in my narrative.

I am currently living in Chicago trying to make my life something they'd be proud of.

Note: All content on this blog is original unless otherwise noted. If you hate something, no one is to blame except me.