The Ones Who Like Seinfeld and Wu Tang Clan

I will never make something that goes viral. I will never have a K after my follower count. Not for this blog, not for any social media I'm ever at the helm of. My Venn Diagram shares little overlap with most people. Rarely does anyone say, "Dude, I totally know what you're saying" when I'm done talking. And the one who did up and moved to NY.

I don't make things for everyone. I wouldn't know how if I tried. Maybe I have been trying and failing admirably. Either way, I'm stuck in this body with this brain and these two hands. The best I can hope for is to speak to those whose head is shaped like mine and who's my special breed of dumb.

I hope that's you, Gentle Reader. I hope that by some miracle this has ended up in hands built to hold mine. If not, no hard feelings.

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