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I'm no good at vacation. I'm at an island paradise with some of my best friends, eating like a king, and sleeping like a lion. But instead of doing cannonballs, I'm looking for an outlet and hoping I'm within wi-fi range. I'm editing, and writing, and doing title animation (which you'll soon find I'm terrible at).

This week I have no deadlines, no work, no responsibilities, just six days of vast, unexplored space. For me vacation has nothing to do with partying or meeting girls or taking photos. It is freedom. Sometimes at work I fantasize about a forklift crushing my toes. The checks, while modest, arriving indefinitely. Gives me goosebumps. Then anguish crept into my daydreams. Would I actually be productive or succumb to my love of noodling and unbounded passion for dicking around?

The last two days have dispelled my fears. I've tapped my battery a half dozen times. In fact, I've rarely looked up from my laptop. I love projects. Put my head down and send me on my way. I can work for hours on end. I don't eat or sleep when I'm on a project. It's not in me to leave a project unfinished before bed. Sleep is a reprieve for good behavior. It is a luxury for the closers, for those who get work done.

This is my workcation. And I'm loving every minute of it. It is me unshackled by work or duty and left to my own devices. And it is marvelous. I've never felt this kind of creative surge. Quit your jobs. Tomorrow. If you are on the fence about starting a project, but don't have time because of work, quit. You can do it. "I've seen dry land. It's not a myth." Next time I see a forklift zoom passed me, it is going to take every bone of restraint to keep me from having my foot take one for the team.  For now, I'm going to test the durability of my keyboard.

My friends are calling to me now. Going to take a break to watch Terminator 2 in a theatre inside the house we're staying at.

"Did you call moi a douchebag?"

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