...They All Yell Holla

I have been cheating you. You didn't even know it. I've been afraid to write the way I wanted. I've been writing safely. In short, uncomplicated, conversational sentences. I've shied away from my more contentious opinions and wrote what I felt was safe. I've been leery of seeming douchey, pretentious, and up my own ass. But I am. A lot. I studied philosophy and I write like I think: in simultaneously searching and declarative sentences. In mixed metaphors and alienating technical jargon. I can't promise this blog will get better or worse. But I can tell you that the filter is coming off. I've made this project a priority for almost three years. And I desperately wanted it to reach civilian eyes. This desire compelled me to stow away my natural inclinations. I promise to write as I think, not how I assume you want to hear it. Jay-Z said it best, "I dumb down for my audience to double my dollars. They criticize me for it, but they all yell, 'Holla.'" I have not doubled my dollars and the only one I dumbed down is myself. When I walk away from this project, at the very least, I'll be able to say that it was mine. And hopefully that will be enough.


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