Stolen From Nietzsche Who Stole It From Dostoyevsky Who Probably Stole It From Somebody Else

Rarely are we as upset as we seem. Being bummed, annoyed, or angry are tools to elicit guilt and shame from another. They offer little intrinsic value to the bearer. But they have tremendous social gravity.


A close friend blows you off. A minor social inconvenience that forces you to reevaluate your plans for an evening or activity. Given your history and affection for this person, its consequences are relatively mild for your relationship.

But we like to punish. Our devilish little hearts let nothing slide. We love to put on a show. A debt exists that can only be paid back in slumped shoulders and downward glances. And pay you will. Our emotions don't manifest so powerfully that they spill from our pores; rather, our foul moods are spears aimed at their creator. When we are pricked, we purposely drip blood everywhere so we may say, "Look what you've done. Look at the mess you've made." And we revel in watching you clean.

The only cure is being a better person and who the hell knows how to do that.

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