My friends have been through some shit. Believe me, cause you're not getting the details. They've all earned the right to be broken. No one would say a word. After seeing what they've dealt with, you'd be shocked they weren't all in straight jackets. I've watched them walk through fire. Hell, I complain when walking barefoot on hot pavement. Still, they walk with their shoulders back and always look you in the eyes. It's something.

I started to wonder if it was my friends who've all had a string of bad luck: families, career, romantic relationships, health. Nope. Bad shit happens to everyone. And it ruins most of us. With good reason. But I admire people who find a way out. I fall hard for those who figure it out. Gets me every time.   

When I see someone go through impossible circumstances, it makes me want their friendship. I could give a shit if you listen to the same records I do, or like the same movies. Show me what you're made of. I may not have been tested yet, but I can spot their courage from across the room. And it's beautiful. It makes them light up. When I think about my closest friends and loved ones, they've all been people who can push through. Mud doesn't cling to their boots. 

I don't look down on people who fall victim to their circumstances. I'm no better. But I reserve the greatest respect for those who find a way to exist in the world and find new health. Those close to me are better people than I am; they remind me of who I want to be. It's not an accident. I deliberately picked them for my kickball team. 

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