I Dream in Character

I don't believe in potential, only what is. Discussions of wasted potential don't make sense to me. You wouldn't say to a couple hydrogen molecules that they're not living up to their potential. They need their buddy, oxygen. Then they have a block party. Only then.

Talent without drive amounts to nothing. Drive without talent is nothing. It takes more than eggs to make an omelet. When I look at my ever-growing list of friends with tremendous talent and no drive, I don't feel bad. Nor do I feel guilty about my limited talent and vigorous drive. You need both. End of story. Taken independently, neither accomplishes anything noteworthy.

I do not lament the part of me that would be a great basketball player. My 6'4" counterpart does not exist. He is a figment of my imagination. If-statements distract us from our reality, what is to be done with our resources. I love my hands for perfectly fitting this keyboard. Love them for their dexterity and dedication. It is this body I love, not the one I imagine.

Find your ceiling. Bash your head against it in triumph. Not many breathe that air.

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