Send That Stuff On Down To Me

These keys feel foreign, like leaving the house without your wallet. They used to belong to me. Now I fumble over them hitting the delete key like a feeder bar. Can't tell if it's a genuine loss of muscle dexterity or that these fingers have nothing to say. Maybe I'm a baseball glove, better with use. Beating the mitt hoping it will loosen up. I want to produce. Pages upon pages. I want them to spill out unto the Internet until people have to stop following me because I clutter their news feeds.

Been hiding behind my calendar, fixing my bike, and other projects, but I'm afraid of the blank page. It makes me uneasy to look at it. Distraction is a click away and I'm reading about the iPhone 4S. It has an underclocked A5 processor, same as is found in the iPad 2, a completely redesigned 8MP camera with an extra lens and increases performance in low-light conditions. The antenna has been redesigned to work on both GSM and CDMA networks, making it truly a world phone. The virtual assistant Siri automates mundane tasks and expands the reach and scope of voice control software. I've been reading a lot about the iPhone lately.

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