My Giants - Part II: Nietzsche

You're wrong. Constantly. Though I'm never more fascinated. There's a deceptive clarity to you. The deeper I get, the less I understand. As readers, we have grown to expect authors to stand for a definitive point-of-view. Mill is a utilitarian. Locke is empiricist. But, you are not so neatly summed up. Nietzsche is fragmented, incendiary, brief to the point of frustration, genius. You write like a human, all too much like one. Your system is muddled. It's impetuous. But there's no one I'd rather follow to the abyss of ideas than you. Your definitive point-of-view is your own. It's Nietzsche. It is multifarious and splendid. Your truths upset my stomach and refuse to be easily digested. They sit in my belly and fester.

I steal from you. Constantly. And I make no apologies. I borrow and build. You make me write.

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