Taking the Queen

He turned from the podium with a heavy heart. There would be no going back. His words could not be unsaid; they were broadcast to every corner of the Earth. Having fought on his back for so long, the upper-hand was unsettling. Advantage was fragile and he knew it. In an unexpected turn, the cat has become the mouse.

The board was not in his favor. His opponent openly sacrificed pieces for tactical advantage. Yes, he had felled a general, one whose soldiers believe there is no greater honor than death by the sword. Yet anxiety bled into his stomach. His enemy knows a good greater than survival. They are fearless. They are vicious. And they are coming. A victory is different than Victory.

He turned from the podium with a heavy heart and made the long walk down the hallway.


  1. Is this about your recent failures with improv or with a girl? So mysterious ;)

  2. A victory is different than victory. Loved this.