I'm a Sleepy Bear

I can't sleep. No, it's more ambiguous than that. It's somewhere between can't and won't. My body doesn't get tired. It runs at full steam until collapsing, usually around 4AM. Clinically I imagine I'm a high-functioning insomniac, though I'm not fond of the term. It implies a disease. I just don't sleep, like people who don't eat dairy. I suppose my body is capable of it, but seems disinterested like a caged panda bear. When some people lie down their eyes close, their heart rate slows, and at some point the REM cycle kicks in. Me not so much. Somewhere between the rampant noodling and spaghetti bowl bottleneck of ideas in my brain, sleep never gets much stage time.

I'm not complaining. It's how I work. I just think it's odd is all. I am exhausted with envy for you eight hour people.


  1. I suspect that you are capable of this because you don't drink, or smoke, or do drugs, you work out, you eat healthy and you aren't horrifically depressed. I think that the rest of us need 8+ hours to make up for the self abuse. You may have discovered the secret to conquering sleep...I am very jealous. Also, feel better. Positive energy.

  2. @Lux Thank you. I did yoga today and my house if finally tamed. It helps tremendously.