"The Weather Outside is Weather"

Maybe it's because I've had the Internet for ten years, but it takes a lot to impress me. Yesterday I saw lightning during a snow storm. Yeah. With thunder. I saw cars lost beneath sheets of snow, stood crotch deep in snow and was reminded that nature is an equalizing force.

As the dominant species on the planet, it's easy to treat the earth a docile plaything. Snow is for skiing and dicking around with. But the city of Chicago is stopped today. I'm writing this because I couldn't leave my block and was unable to trek to my work.

The world still inspires awe. And even when it does, Internet still works, I can still microwave a pizza and watch nature documentaries on Netflix Instant. Humans are incredible. We've created a city structure that can withstand hurricane-level gale winds and snowfall measured in feet. This could wipe out a race of lesser beings. Yet we're here Tweeting phrases like: snowpocalypse, Snowtember 11th, point of snowreturn, this isn't my first snodeo, Snolocaust and snOMG! Some fellow improvisors were out filming shorts in the snow. I sincerely hope that no one has been hurt because of the snow and it is not my intention to make light of their suffering, but rather to marvel in what humans have built in the face of the awesome force of nature. My power is on, my cell phone works, my heat is functioning perfectly and I am thankful and impressed by the humans who made it possible.

Let's hear it for nature and let's hear it for us. We live in a radical time.