Night Owls

Don't judge me. No seriously, don't.
I'm not a piece of shit because I stay up late. We all get our eight hours; mine start at 4AM. Yet there remains this hostility towards night people. I'm responsible, pay my rent, get to work on time. Some prefer the moon to the sun.

And so what if I were to sleep ten hours at a time? It's the body's natural recovery method. Sleep repairs the damage we do while ambling about sixteen hours a day. Why are we made to feel guilty for this? How dare you perform necessary bodily maintenance?

I'm not going to feel guilty for sleeping. You can't make me.

I read in the morning, go to the gym in the afternoon, and write at night. This is my schedule. I like it this way. You morning people, with your coffee and adult jobs, can sit on it.


  1. You tell it Nick. Love it.

  2. HaHa...
    Very nice. Agree.

    I start writing decent material around 2am.
    I know so many others with the the same routines.

  3. I have always been a night person and it has always been my demise. Working at GSR as a computer system admin was so tough, because most computer geeks are night people, but we were all expected to be in our seats at 9am. What they (evil bureaucratic executives) didn't know is that I was up until 2am keeping the machines running and then needed some time to unwind afterwards. Staying up until 4am and sleeping until noon or 1pm isn't a crime!

  4. love the picture. you sleep cute.

  5. I really appreciate the support. Thanks, Night Owls.