A Query for Kellogg's

Why is it that a box of Corn Pops is contained in the weirdest kind of bag? It's a distant cousin of aluminium foil, but more pliable. No other cereal, to my knowledge, utilizes this material. Does the metal preserve the freshness? Is it used for its acoustic properties? Do Corn Pops sound better being poured from a semi-metalic bag? I'll admit that rolling the bag down to preserve freshness is much easier with the aforementioned material than the common plastic bags found on in most cereal boxes.

Anyone with information regarding the origin, purpose, or rationale behind this enigma should contact me.

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  1. As a Materials girl, I felt inclined to respond.

    Therefore, as my Google search tells me, that it is indeed to preserve freshness. Pops will absorb water vapor when in normal cereal bags causing them to become stale. Thus the metal bag prevents this. It seems plausible.