I Can Get Behind That

  • Using up an ink pen
  • Organizing my books by height and then by width
  • First dates
  • Wrestling with my dog, Henry
  • Having just enough change to buy animal crackers from the vending machine at iO
  • Girls who straighten their hair
  • Peanut butter in anything
  • Seamless CTA bus transfers
  • Woody Allen's movies
  • Finding a snack in the bottom of your bag
  • The rapture of falling asleep in my house having cleaned, done laundry, and put everything in its proper place
  • Tweaking my iPhone to suit my fancy
  • Staying up late
  • Not shaving for a week and then shaving.  
  • Reading on the beach
  • Drinks so cold, small chunks of ice have formed around the rim of the glass
  • Watching action movies with my Dad
  • Blackberries and ice cream
  • Telling my friends I love them
  • Liking a band so much that I take my earplugs out
  • EOs from work
  • Crying at movies
  • New socks
  • Standing in an equilateral triangle from the main speakers at a rock show
  • Paper thin tee-shirts in ninety degree heat
  • Restaurants open past midnight

1 comment :

  1. "Woody Allen's movies" — I like that you phrased it like that versus: "Woody Allen movies."