An Apology for Marriage

My best friend and I moved into a house together. We'd each been living on our own for a number of years, and we found our own little corners of happiness. But, as we spent more and more time together, it became readily apparent that both our lives would be enriched by living under the same roof. So we did it. We signed an indefinite lease. The house was ours. For better or worse.  We owned something together.

As we signed our names on the dotted line, we made a promise. We would never let the house down.  If the plumbing went bad or if the roof started to rot, we would fix this house.  Why? Not out of obligation or duty, but because this home mattered to us. We would never let it fall into disrepair.

And though the house may have been too small, failed to suit our changing needs, and had an office where an art studio should be, we called it home. As the years passed, we spotted hundreds of houses that might have better suited us, but none of them were ours.

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