Many artists abandon their craft during marriage. Oddly, the holy institution does not aversely affect one's creative output. More often it is because the would-be artist used the craft as a means to attract mates. Once a suitable mate has been found, paintbrushes transform from magic wands to common household items.

In their hands, the magic was always a sideshow.

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  1. I disagree.
    Most artists that I have known never used the craft to attract a mate. But rather to send out a piece of themselves out in to the void, just as you do as you write.
    As much as compliments are warming. A creator of any sort creates just to do so.
    Though I agree that once married, people tend to leave parts of themselves in the dust while preoccupied with be in a couple opposed to a single.
    I think that many writers and artists find the repetition over everyday life not as entertaining in the sense of new people new events, drama, and excitement therefore not receiving the stuff that once brought out their sudden need to create.

    An artist is always an artist.
    People tend to submerge in to one person instead of simply merging two unique lives together.That is the curse.
    I think it is there that the painters become the floor cleaners.