Paul Patrick Delehanty

I owe my father everything. I had always assumed that fathers would give up anything for their sons. This persisted until I met sons of lesser men. Most fathers would give up a kidney if their son would die without it. I have no doubt that my father would give up his heart if he thought it would make my week more bearable.

He provided the net that let me take risks, explore, and discover my passions: music, art, and philosophy. Even though they weren't his values, he steadfastly supported me. He taught me everything. From how to use a soldering iron (heat the joint, not the solder) and make the right decision (the more difficult decision is almost always the right one), to how to read, ride a bike, do long division, use a computer, play guitar, throw a punch, make scrambled eggs, change my oil, train a dog... how to live.

I could leap without looking because, at my core, I knew he'd be there if I fell short. I couldn't imagine what it's like to play without a net. How do other sons do it? My father is the reason why I don't hate my life, why I'm proud of it.

Thanks, Dad.

You'd think after all you've done for me, I'd give you some grandkids. I'll have to find another way to show my gratitude.

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