A large, expansive living room.
The space is organized around a gas fireplace adjacent to the west wall.
A pristine brown leather love seat occupies most of the eastern wall.
A modern coffee table sits on maple hardwood floors. Angular and made mostly of glass, it is neatly accompanied by magazines and remote controls.
The walls, pained eggshell, are covered with black and white photos. The works of Ansel Adams and an digital prints of twin infants dressed alike are prominently displayed.
Houseplants are hung from the ceiling in beige pots.
An old green recliner makes a home near a reading lamp. The lamp rests on a Marshall 4X10 1965 speaker cabinet. It is mostly dressed in duct tape and the grille is barely hanging on. It's flipped on its side exposing castors rusted from beer, humidity and sweat. It is being used like an end table.

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