9-5 (a diptych)

i) Day
A pigeon sits perched on a ledge in early morning. It's feathers are ragged and the sun reluctantly peaks through the tallest buildings. It peers across the street to a bus stop. Half a dozen people are huddled under the shelter. An old woman awkwardly leans on her walker while a man reads the Times on the bench. A world war separates them. Her face lived through it; his hasn't. His brown leather briefcase occupies the second seat. A young man in a Louis Vuitton suit impatiently checks his watch. The others yawn and sip paper cups of coffee.

ii) Night
The sun has retreated behind the buildings. It is dark downtown because the buildings shield the sun's heroic last efforts. The same six people wait at the bus stop under the shelter. A homeless man sits outside the shelter jingling coins in a paper cup. Briefcase tucked neatly between his legs, the businessman sits trying to keep his distance. The old woman clutches her purse with both hands on her lap. The young man stands in the exact position, still looking at his watch. The others are yawning.

The bird is dead. It lies outside its nest on the concrete ledge.

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  1. I had been waiting..

    Very nice. The visual was amazing.