Doctrine of the Get Awesome! (2004)

We are immune to depression. The word has been excommunicated from our vocabularies. Gone are inefficacy and boredom. All that remains are synonyms for greatness, perfection, and excellence. Actions guided by two words that say more than any bible: Get Awesome! This is the new bible. These are your commandments:

• Wake up everyday like it's Christmas morning.
• Run like every stride cures a disease.
• Treat your friends like they were royalty.
• Never say can’t, when you mean won’t.
• Love without restraint.
• Read books like you take breaths.
• Unrelentingly pursue greatness.
• Know that style isn’t an accessory that can be bought.
• Laugh.
• Avoid anyone who stunts your growth.
• Fuck jealousy.
• No excuses.
• Genius is earned.
• Always be aware of the greatest moment of your life.
• Exclaim “For now!” to anyone who is your better.
• Write like the world will read.
• Proscribe complaints. They only serve to highlight things you are unwilling to change.
• Find something to be passionate about.
• Recognize the difference between righteousness and recklessness.
• Tell a unique story.

Imagine if your life lasted a day. What if everything you did or knew could be condensed into twenty-four hour block? Could you be pissed off at someone cutting you off on the freeway? Wouldn’t you rather think about how, in a fit of passion, you knocked everything off the dining table and made love? Or would you prefer to think about the wine stain on the carpet?

Pessimism is easy. Mediocrity is easy. If you want people to remember your name, blow the roof off ordinary. Find a way. Figure it out. Live a rock ‘n roll adventure. Become an Olympian. Jump higher and run faster than any human being ever has. Reinvent the wheel. Don’t settle for good. Piss on average. Make it happen. The world is not out to get you. It doesn’t give a damn about you. It leaves that up to you. No matter how bad things get, you can keep them from getting worse. The next time someone asks you how you’re doing, answer, “110% extreme to the max,” and mean it. Because joy has no ceiling. It’s a McDonald’s ball pit begging you to dive in.

Why in the world would you choose anything but unadulterated rapture? If Kundera’s right and we’re all like actors going on cold, then we ought not worry so much when we blow our lines, but smile and move on. There’s nothing wrong with fucking up. No emergency lasts forever. Get in the game and Get Awesome!

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