We Schemers

What will become of nerdy collectors who showcase their rare novels, obscure TV shows on DVD, and vinyl picture discs?  With MP3, eReaders, and Netflix Instant Watch condensing collections into handheld devices, how will they impress girls with their stuff? Everyone's iPod is the same size.  How will you know how opulent their collection is?   "Here's my 1TB hard drive" lacks a certain gravitas.  Forced to communicate on a personal level, will they evolve beyond stuff-talking? Has technology murdered collectors? What appeared as dusk now looks like dawn to our squinting eyes. 

Perhaps we'll reinvent ourselves. Instead of buying records that serve as conversation pieces, maybe we'll listen to records that please our ears. We'll read books because they stir our hearts and not for a coffee shops ruse.  We'll watch films that reveal the human condition instead of a contrived indie quirkiness.

Maybe someday we'll be able to look one another in the eyes and know that we mean what we say. 

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