New Colony's Kate and Sam Aren't Breaking Up. Play. Time Out Chicago's review. First time as a titular character. (2013)

New Colony's FRAT. Play. A Tribune review. First time playing a frat boy. (2011)

Nevada Museum of Art Exhibition. The Wrong Side of Reno: Three Decades of Punk and Hardcore Music in the Biggest Little City. October 2, 2010 - March 6, 2011. Some of my old bands are being featured in the exhibition. (2010)

Interview with the Nevada Sagebrush. I was misquoted regarding the meaning of "Da Capo." It is a musical direction which means "repeat from the beginning." Nietzsche's ideal man would shout "Da Capo!" signifying a desire to perpetually return to the life he had lived. Just so we're clear. (2009)

Reno News and Review article about Hostile Greetings, my improv team from Reno. Headed by Michael Lewis, the talented Ben Craig, Doug Long, Tim Dufrisne, and I made shit up together. These guys still perform every Thursday at 8PM at the Rainshadow Cafe in Reno, NV. (2009)

Reno News and Review article about Da Capo, a post-punk band I played in with Ryan Stark, Shane Forster, and Matt Sala. Get our Da Caporagphy here. (2008)

Reno News and Review article about TV You Can Heckle, a short-lived, but touring sketch group comprised of Tim Dufrisne, Ryan Stark, Alex Falcone, and myself. (2007)

Reno News and Review Short Fiction article about "A Brevity of Time". What was originally conceived as the first chapter of my novel was shrunken down into about 95 words. My ex-girlfriend won first place. I was a runner up. Though I didn't win, I'm comforted by having dated a talented woman. (2006)

Reno News and Review article about Legal Underage Pornography, a comedy 'zine created and penned by Tim Dufrisne, Alex Falcone, Jace Proctor, and myself. (2005)

Reno News and Review article about The Spotlight Syndicate, a three-piece dance-punk band I played in with Jeff Baer and Carolyn Van Lydegraf. Get our record on iTunes or for free here. (2003)

Scene Point Blank interview with the Spotlight Syndicate. (2003)

This Computer Kills on iTunes. Reno extremo scremo from Jawsh Hageman, Jeff Baer and myself. Download the self-titled full length and 7" for free. I was 17 when we recorded this. (2002)